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'Wings on King' takes flight: Registrations now open.

We have fantastic speakers for the Wings on King project launch We hope you will come along and hear what they have to say Professor David Watson; Dr Richard Donaghey; Dr Kerryn Herman and others… REGISTER AND BOOK EARLY. ACCOMODATION AND CAR HIRE ON KING ISLAND ARE LIMITED There’s something for everyone – and its practical ‘how to’ : identify and monitor birds; keep the common birds common and the threatened species from going extinct To see the complete launch program including presentation summaries and/or to register for the launch go to: https://www.birdsofkingisland.com/launch-2017 SEMINAR OVERVIEW: A Land Management focus: Bird conservation on King Island encompasses two issues that a

Dion Hobcroft King Island Bird Diary January 2016

Birding on King Island The Hobcroft Family Diary 4-10 January 2016 The Hobcrofts (Dion, Lise, Grace and Daniel) Report by Dion Hobcroft The ultra-rare King Island Brown Thornbill has never been photographed before to my knowledge. This is only the fourth sighting since 1972. The bird does not have a red eye, combined with the long chisel-like bill it is a very distinctive taxa, quite possibly a species in its own right. Mon 4/1/16: A 5:15 am taxi is never a good thing but the flight to Melbourne left on time and we squeezed a visit into the QANTAS club, always a highlight for Dan! We checked into REX Airlines in Melbourne and before lunchtime we had landed at Currie, King Island. Gale force

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