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Helping Birds is also about land care and community involvement

Habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation are the biggest factors causing the marked decline in Australia’s birds that we are currently witnessing. Rectifying this and restoring biodiversity is essential if we are to keep healthy populations of our birdlife into the future. This is a huge job that belongs to us all and that we can all contribute towards in whatever way we can. Landcare Australia is an organisation that works with communities Australia-wide, helping them to care for their local areas within agriculture, local bushlands and reserves, coastal areas etc. King Island Natural Resource Management Group is a Member as are many individual farmers and land owners including myself.

Ruddy Turnstone numbers increase

FANTASTIC NEWS: There are more Ruddy Turnstone visiting King Island than there have been since 2010. The Victorian branch of the Australian Wader Study Group, on their March 2017 visit to King Island, found a huge increase in numbers of these wonderful international migrants, compared to previous years. As reported in the Tattler Newsletter, July 2017 No 44, the count had gone from 597 in 2016 - the least since 2010 - to 843. 31% of this count were juvenile (first-year) birds, showing that the Turnstones had had a highly successful breeding summer in their northern hemisphere breeding sites. Lets hope they keep it up next year. The AWSG will be back in December - see https://www.birdsofk

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