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Hooded Plovers on King Island need some attention

King Island still has a healthy population of Hooded Plovers - we think - but on the mainland they are threatened. It would be great to do some surveys on KI to better understand our population. Attached is the lateset BirdLife Beach-nesting Bird Newsletter, that I hope may inspire someone to start monitoring the populations we have here. http://www.birdlife.org.au/documents/BNB_Word_about_the_Hood_Edition_20_Summer_2018-19.pdf 'Hooded Plover with chick (C)Doug Castle 2017 birdlifephotography.org.au'

Birds in Our Lives - combining Art Culture and Conservation. Join in...

April, 2019, will see the inaugural Festival of Art Culture and Conservation (FACE) of King Island, with the theme of Birds in Our Lives. Combing Art, Culture and Conservation with funding raising for conservation initiates on King Island, this year the money raised will help support the Wings on King Bird Surveys. The Festival will close on Saturday 27th April, the weekend of the Autumn Wings on King surveys, so you can help with conservation in many ways. The Invitation to participate in the festival is now open https://kingisland.tas.gov.au/the-inaugural-festival-of-art-culture-and-environment/ as is registration for the Autumn Wings on King Surveys https://www.birdsofkingisland.com/re

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