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Wings on King Spring Surveys - update October

As COVID is still making movement around the country difficult, the Wings on King Spring surveys are being held over 5 weeks, from the 19th October to the 23rd of November. While they are open to all visitors although at the time of writing, these can only come from Tasmania, visitors will need to form their own teams. Register as usual here or contact Kate on 0417487263 or Kate.ravich@bigpond.com to discuss options. It is a beautiful spring this year - so worth a visit for the wildflowers as well as the birds...

We did it! Wings on King 2020 Autumn surveys

Despite the odds, twelve local King Islanders supported by two Artists in Residence who were stranded here due to COVID and happened to also be keen birders, completed all the Wings on King autumn surveys. We did them over a 5 week period from late April to end of May as we could. Working in pairs already sharing a bubble, we were able to achieve it without breaking any COVID rules, although had to wait until the Parks etc reopened to complete the task. One team were even able to add a KI Brown Thornbill to their list. There were two really important results from this. We obtained and uploaded the data and we also showed that over the last four years since Wings on King began, we have gr

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