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What Happened? Counting Populations on King Island

In April-early May, we tried to count the population of two of King Island subspecies; the Black Currawong and Green Rosella - see previous blogg - by conducting searches over two weekends.

We had a FANTASTIC response from local King Islanders as well as visitors from the Australian mainland who came to help.

We were up early, driving between sites and counting as we went.

Over 100 people took part including a class of youngsters from Balarat Clarendon College. Together we clocked up over 400 hours of observations.

Here's what we found:

Total number of Black Currawongs: 138

Total number of Green Rosella: 67

Everyone was surprised at just how few of both species we saw but in particular the low numbers of Green Rosella.

Now the results go to the Department of the Environment who received nominations that both of these birds be listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999. They will assess these plus other information they receive from other sources, and make a decision.

Watch this space for the verdict...

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