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Wings on King Spring Bird Surveys 25-28th October, 2018

The Spring is a wonderful time to be on King Island with wild-flowers aplenty, changing as you move between all the different habitat types. We might be small, but we have lots of variety.

Bass Strait migratory species are passing through on their way to breed in Tasmania having had their winter holidays in the comparative warmth of the mainland. Are there more than usual or have they started moving south earlier this year in response to the drought in the north east? These and many other questions will arise more and more frequently as climate change continues to kick in. We need to be watching, understanding what is happening and be setting up the systems we need to mitigate this as much as we can pre-emptively.

So this year, the Spring Bird Surveys will be accompanied by a focus on developing and improving the places were birds live. That means diverse native habitat that may be found or created in Gardens, Windbreaks or around the farm sheds.

We hope you will come and give us a hand....

Flame Robin by David Newell

You will be warmly welcomed. We look forward to meeting you…

For more information or to register go to:\

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