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JOIN US! Come along to the Wings on King DINNER. Great food, fun company and time for a catch-up abo

When: Saturday 27th 6.30-7.00

Where: Bischoffs Cafe, Bischoff's Rd, Pegarah

$40 per person plus wine for 3 courses including pre-dinner nibbles, main course and desert. Licenced

Hear about how the community can help to prevent our threatened bird species from becoming extinct from

Lindall Kidd, BirdLife Australia who will talk about 'Saving threatened Species and the importance of community engagement'

Dr Jenny Lau, Manager of BirdLife's Preventing Extinctions Program, will give us an update on the current plans on saving the King Island Brown Thornbill and Scrubtit

NOTE: Bookings and payment to KINRMG by Friday 19th October​,

Facebook email:

Direct transfer information will be sent back to you

At KIRDO - 25 George Str., Currie

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