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WoW! Another wonderful exhibition - and silent auction - now OPEN. Don't Miss it. Portside Galle

It isn't until you see this exhibition in its totality, that you realise just how significant a story it is telling. Its AMAZING!

With 36 artists and 60 works, every piece is different. Some come with strong messages, others are simply beautiful, charming and delightful. The diversity of artists, style, mediums and techniques exemplifies the diversity we see in our birds - all shapes, sizes, colours ....

Artists have sent work from Germany, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania as well as our own King Island artists. There is wearable art, cute, fascinating and thought provoking art.

And the bidding is well and truly underway. There are some real bargains here. Several of the more well-known artists have dropped their prices dramatically to encourage a sale so if you are interested in acquiring a high-quality piece of art, this is the place to do it.


You don't have to make a bid. Just call down to Portside Gallery on a Sunday or Monday for a cup of coffee and perhaps something yummy, and have a look at it. It truly is remarkable - and unlike anything we have had on King Island previously.

Open until Saturday 27th April when the Silent Auction is closed.

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