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'Where Song Began - The Concert" A WOW standing room only concert

A fabulous and inspiring performance by The Bowerbird Collective - Simone Slattery and Anthony Albrecht- at Portside Gallery on Saturday, concluded with a standing ovation and shouts for encore. We were all mesmerised throughout the performance with EVERYONE just LOVING it.

Inspired by leading ornithologist Tim Low’s award-winning book, 'Where Song Began - The Concert' was created by the duo and took us through the evolution of bird song that occurred here in Australia millions of years ago and poses the question 'would human music have reached the heights it has, had the first songbird not sung in an Australian rainforest?

From here Simone and Anthony return to Sydney to record a CD of "Where Song Began - the Concert" - pre-order here

So exciting having such talented and professional performance musicians on our island. They will be back - but it mightn't be for awhile as they both travel worldwide. We look forward to that....

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