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JOIN US: Wings on King 2019 Spring Surveys

"The spring has sprung,

The grass is ris

Them birds are on the Wing...'

... and its time for the Wings on King Spring Surveys

When: 7-10 November, 2019

It’s not just birds in the spring – it’s the wildflowers too…

Weekend Itinerary:

  • Thursday 7th at 4pm: Birding for Beginners Workshop - Cultural Centre, Currie

  • Thursday 7th at 5.30-7 pm Welcome and Team sign-up​ - Cultural Centre, Currie

  • Friday 8th and Saturday 9th: Survey work across the island ​

  • Saturday 9th Dinner and speaker – details to be confirmed​

  • Sunday 10th Field Trip: The elusive KI Brown Thornbill and KI Scrubtit – led by Mark Holdsworth. Details available on Thursday evening Welcome


Visiting King Island – make your bookings ASAP

Flights, accommodation and car hire are limited and in high demand.

Come and join us. You will be warmly welcomed…

Photo: King Island Tasmanian Thornbill - one of King Island's 9 subspecies. Taken x Mark Binns

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