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Two legends of the birding world - Mark Holdsworth and Fred van Gessel - interview with KI Radio

Reknowned ornithologist and threatened species recovery specialist Mark Holdsworth is a frequent visitor to King Island and together with Matt Webb and the team from ANU has been very active in following the KI Scrubtit and now the rediscovery of the KI Brown Thornbill. Fred van Gessel is the man who records bird song and turns them into CDs and recordings that are used in many, many publications and Field Guides of Australian birds.

Both were on the island for the 2019 Spring Wings on King Surveys and were interviewed by Wade Roskam from the KI Community Radio - 100.5 If you missed it or would like to hear it again click here...

Mark led a discovery group to find the King Island Brown Thornbill while Fred recorded their call

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