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Wings on King Spring Surveys - WE DID IT AGAIN!

The 2020 Spring Surveys were again undertaken entirely by local King islanders due to COVID preventing visitors from participating. Altogether 15 locals took part. THANKS HEAPS to EVERYONE who contributed. Those who know their birds led 7 groups and were accompanied by others as scribes who wrote down the data and were also another pair of eyes looking out - even if they weren't sure what they were seeing until identified by the leader. A great way to learn more about birds and see special places on the island.

2021 will mark the fifth year of regular surveying so, all things being possible (COVID restrictions being the big unknown), we'll be kicking off in the last weekend of April - 29th - 2nd May - with some special guests and an interesting program of events as well as getting out into the bush and finding our beautiful birds. Watch this space for more information in due course...

Love this photo of a Strong-billed Honeyeater, endemic to Tasmania, taken by Ash Kennedy, that was recorded in several of the Spring Surveys. They are cheeky and wonderfully cheerful little birds that you often hear before you see them as they chatter amongst themselves and scrabble about in the hanging bark of Eucalyptus trees looking for bugs. Thanks Ash.


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