Wings on King Needs Your Help

King Island is a working island providing around 6% of Tasmania’s GDP — but it has a small human population, with only a few having the expertise or time to monitor birds.   We don’t have the human resources to gather the data that we need. 

 That's why we need your help. 

Visit King Island - become a Registered Wings on King Participant
and give us a hand. You will be warmly welcomed...


Why Register?

Managing Surveys: To enable us to manage the project and make sure the most important sites are being surveyed as often as possible, we need to know when you are here and which sites you are visiting. 

Surveys on Private Land: To allow visitors to monitor sites on private land, we need to make sure you comply with BirdLife Australia’s insurance criteria.  We need you to sign a form that ensures you and the landholder are covered. 


So it is better for you and better for us if you become a Registered Participant.


Don't want to Register? If you would prefer to do entirely your own thing, you can still participate.  All the sites on public land are detailed on Birdata 

Advantages and Opportunities if you Register 


Registered Wings on King participants have the opportunity to see and learn about King Island in a way that no ordinary visitor to the island can.


Access to Private Land:

  •  These ‘private’ sites provide an opportunity to visit many wonderful areas of King Island that few people have access to.  They include private forests, riparian zones, farmlands, and remote coasts. 


A personal Assistant:

  • All registered participants, individuals or groups - are assigned to a Wings on King Assistant (WoKA). Your WoKA will meet you at the airport and be your island liaison or 'go to' person should you need assistance. They will provide you with a Wings on King Kit - see following. Some may be happy to accompany you if you request it or advise you if a Guide is available.


Field Plan and Kit:

  • Your WoKA will have developed a specific Field Plan for you.  As much as possible this will take into account your needs, available time and capabilities. It will also reflect the needs of the Project, while ensuring you have a good look around the island and visit plenty of special places.   Your WoKA will provide you with a Kit containing a map and details of the survey sites and other relevant information. They will have already contacted the landholders of private land sites, so they know and have approved your visit.


  • You’re insured: The BirdLife Australia insurance policy requires that you sign a Field Work Plan and an Attendees List before you commence surveying. Your WoKA will obtain these signatures from you at your first meeting.


Debrief and Thank You meeting:

  • Before you leave the Island, your WoKA will meet you to debrief, collect the Wings on King Kit and copies of your bird lists.  These will be used for the project records with copies given to the landowners. This meeting will be arranged at your first meeting at the airport.

NOTE - Mobile Phones:

Please be aware that your mobile phone may not work on King Island.  As at August, 2017, the only networks available are Telstra 3 and 4G. 

Working in Groups: 

There are some ‘dead spots’ where mobile signals don’t reach.  For this reason we would prefer you to work in groups of two or more.  It’s safer should there be a mishap.  If you prefer to go it alone, that’s OK too but we request that you check-in with your WoKA at the end of each day.

How to register: Registrations on-line 

How to participate: Step by step

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