Wings on King - Needs your help

King Island is a working island providing around 6% of Tasmania’s GDP — but it has a small human population, with only a few residents having the expertise or time to monitor birds.   We don’t have the human resources to gather the data we need. 

That's why we hope you can give us a hand. We need bird enthusiasts and keen birders to work with us and undertake surveys.

When are surveys undertaken?

Surveys can be done at any time you choose to visit, but there are also specific survey weekends in autumn and spring that usually have special events attached to them.   




Advantages and Opportunities if you Register 


Registered Wings on King participants have the opportunity to see and learn about King Island in a way that no ordinary visitor to the island can.


Access to Private Land:

These ‘private’ sites provide an opportunity to visit many wonderful areas of King Island that few people have access to.  They include private forests, riparian zones, farmlands, and remote coasts. 


A personal Assistant:

All registered participants, individuals or groups - are assigned to a Wings on King Assistant (WoKA). Your WoKA will meet with you, pick you up from the airport if requested and be your island  'go to' person should you need assistance. They will provide you with a Wings on King Kit - see following. 


Field Plan and Kit:

Each registered group or individual are given a specific Field Plan and accompanying Survey Kit.  This Plan takes your needs into account, available time and capabilities as you specify on Registration. It also reflects the needs of the Project by allocating the sites that are most in need of surveys, while ensuring you have a good look around the island and visit plenty of special places.   The Kit

contains a map, details of the survey sites and other relevant information you

may need as well as a First Aid Kit. Surveys undertaken on private land are

pre-arranged with landholders contacted, so they know when to expect you and

have pre-approved your visit.


You’re insured: The BirdLife Australia insurance policy requires that you

sign a Field Work Plan and an Attendees List before you commence surveying. 

Your WoKA will obtain these signatures from you at your first meeting.  

Once signed, you are covered by the BirdLife Volunteer Insurance.


Debrief and Thank You meeting:

Before you leave the Island, your WoKA will meet with you again to debrief, collect the Wings on King Kit and copies of your bird lists.  This 'farewell' meeting will be arranged at your first meeting on your arrival.

NOTE - Mobile Phones:

Please be aware that your mobile phone may not work on King Island.  As at June, 2020, the only networks available are Telstra 3 and 4G. 

Working in Groups: 

There are some ‘dead spots’ where mobile signals don’t reach.  For this reason we would prefer you to work in groups of two or more.  It’s safer should there be a mishap.  If you prefer to go it alone, that’s OK too but we request that you check-in with your WoKA at the end of each day.