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'Birding for Beginners' Workshop

A Free Workshop

When: Saturday 13th October 2.30 pm

Where: Bootlace Private Forest Reserve,

1589 Reekara Rd, Sea Elephant (official) or 1589 Bicentennial Rd (King Island)

(30 minutes drive from Currie)

Leader: Kate Ravich, convenor ‘Wings on King’ Project

All welcome – adults and children

Bring: binoculars and own refreshments

Dress: appropriately for a workshop held in a workshop and a bush walk

About: Watching birds can be a very peaceful and joyful experience.

Birds are integrated into our lives in many ways and work on our behalf – completely free of charge

They are living modern dinosaurs, highly adapted for flight and environment. Yet we often don’t really ‘see’ them or take any notice unless they are annoying us – and some can do that too.

This workshop will:

  • introduce birds as amazing adapted animals

  • show how they help us and tell us about our environment

  • cover the basic skills required to become a proficient ‘birder’ and

  • provide the opportunity for you to practice.

RSVP including name and contact details by: Saturday 6th October to or text 0417487263 (Maximum 10)

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