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Birds of King Island

Threatened King Island Birds Conservation Action plan Logo Competition

Competition Guidelines

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies an organisation. A good logo shows what the organisation does and what the brand values.

A logo design is all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company.

What should a logo be:

§ memorable and easily recognised

§ simple – design and colours

§ works well in both colour and black and white

§ recognisable at a glance

§ able to be used at a range of scales - can be resized for different purposes (e.g., letterhead, poster, pamphlet)

§ ideally works well in hard copy and online and in colour or black and white. It will be used on letterheads, other communications, website pages etc

§ describes the King Island Conservation Action Plan at a glance

What is the Threatened King Island Bird Conservation Action Plan?


“To protect, improve and conserve threatened King Island birds and appropriate habitat to increase the species resilience (ability to recover quickly) and decrease their extinction risk.”

The CAP is managed by a team representing a range of stakeholders, ranging from state and federal government, conservation management agencies such as KI Landcare, Cradle Coast NRM and BirdLife Australia, scientists and representatives from the KI community. This team implement projects that will improve the on-ground well-being of the threatened birds and advocates on their behalf e.g.ensuring the Tasmanian Fire Service know where populations still exist, so they can place extra effort into protecting them should a fire occur.

For more information about Threatened Birds of King Island and the Conservation Action Plan

The logo should include the following words:

Threatened King Island Birds Conservation Action Plan

Eligibility to participate

All members of the King Island community are eligible to participate irrespective of age or experience. Please have a go.


Should be of A4 size and submitted electronically as well as by hard copy to:

Cut-off date:

All eligible submissions must be received by Sunday 6th November, 2022

v People’s Choice:

Exhibition of all submitted logos King Island Cultural Centre – from Thursday 11th November to Sunday 27th November with opportunity for King Islanders to vote for their preferred logo

Final Decision from the top five People’s choice, to by made by the Threatened King Island Bird Conservation Action Plan Team, announced on 15th December, 2022. This decision will be final and will be non-negotiable.


$100 goes to the overall winner

Participants whose submissions reach the top 10 People’s choice, will be eligible to accompany Mark Holdsworth on a threatened bird survey looking for both the King Island Scrubtit and the King Island Brown Thornbill, at a date to be arranged. No guarantees of sightings are given.

Use of logo:

The creator of the winning logo will be asked to give permission to the Threatened King Island Birds Conservation Action Plan (TKIB CAP) Steering Committee to use the logo in communication products and activities associated with the TKIB CAP.


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