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Biggest Wings on King bird survey weekend so far ...

Autumn 2021 Bird Survey report

The 2021 Autumn Wings on King bird surveys, completed last week, were back on track after COVID in 2020 prevented visitors from away coming to give us a hand. Seven teams and 27 surveyors, took part - a record number and a great mixture of locals and visitors. All Wings on King sites were surveyed. A great result.

Most surveyors assisted with a search for the Orange-bellied Parrot that migrate through the island on their way to the mainland over autumn. Unfortunately, none were found but three Blue-winged parrots were spotted. Blue-winged parrots aren't officially thought of as migratory parrots as many over-winter in Tasmania, but some cross Bass Strait and over-winter on the mainland and are occasionally seen on the island in the autumn as they travel through.

Thanks to everyone who took part in these surveys. Everyone enjoyed themselves and felt a part of something much bigger and more important than just being interested in birds and their fascinating and sometimes hilarious behaviours.

Saturday Night - Community Meeting and Speakers: a loss of habitat leading to more threatened King Island species

An issue on King Island is continuing land clearing - bit by bit. No one person or landholder is responsible but the cumulative effect and the lack of effective government legislation to protect King Island from over-clearing, has resulted in continuing loss of habitat with declining bird populations clearly indicating this. This meeting addressed the issue and asked the question - what do want for King Island? An open, windy, beef producing island or a rich, diverse and environmentally healthy island. It was an interesting evening. A full report can be found here


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