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Don't miss it! Wings on King 2019 Spring survey weekend - a rare opportunity to learn, see, expl

Spring is a wonderful time on King Island. Not only are the many migrant birds passing through such as the Flame Robins, Silvereyes and Blue-winged Parrots, but there are an abundance of wildflowers. Bush blocks in particular are by no means all the same. While searching for birds in the spring, you will also discover native gems of the plant world such as the 'blue love creeper,' yellow scrambling hibertia and pink swamp-heath.

Taking part in citizen science projects such as Wings on King, allows you the opportunity to actively contribute in the care of all this beauty by gathering information about birds. Wings on King surveys also provide opportunities to visit some special places on private land and see more of the island than most people can. It isn't just fun, it helps us to understand how healthy our island is. It is vital information if we are to ensure an on-going strong community and economy on the island especially as climate change impacts and changes occur.

A special treat this Spring:

Two 'legends' of the birding world are joining us, sharing their knowledge, skills and adventures.

Hear and See - Fred van Gessel: Highly respected author Fred van Gessel has been recording the bird sounds of Australia and around the world for more than 40 years. He is coming to King Island to record the unique calls of our birds and will be leading one of the Wings on King survey teams. At the dinner on Saturday evening he will present on his recent expedition in Borneo, Sabah and Sarawak, the sights and sounds of bird and animal life, their environments and the issues they face with human exploitation and destruction of environment. It will be a fascinating talk with much to enjoy and learn.

Find and see - Mark Holdsworth: Ornithologist, expert in Orange Bellied Parrot breeding biology, seabird and raptor research, conservation dog operations and 2014 State finalist Aus of the Year, Mark Holdsworth knows as much about King Island birds as anyone does. Now involved in the Recovery of our two critically endangered species, Mark will be on the island leading a survey team and giving two back-to-back workshops. In the first he will show how to identify our endangered birds and then go into the field and find them. This is a rare opportunity for many to actually see these endangered birds, both having an estimated population of around 50 and being the next most likely Australian bird extinctions - unless we can recover them.

The second and follow-on workshop is for people interested in becoming a part of the Recovery Team. Mark will show how to find and monitor both critically endangered birds with the aim of attendees then helping to search the island to establish where they still exist.

Registrations for the Spring surveys are open now and close on the 31st October.

You don't need to be a bird expert. You can learn on the job.

You don't need to be involved for the whole weekend, but just as much as you have time for.

Or if you just want to come to the dinner, one or both of the workshops you can do that too.

We hope you will join us.

Photo by David Newell with kind permission

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