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TONIGHT! "Soaring" Poetry; reading, writing and the joy of words, with Jack Oats. The Boat

This will be a fun filled evening - very much worth making the effort to attend.

Entrance by donation per person. BYO. Jack's book 'Soaring' will be available for purchase.

About Jack

Jack Oats (aka Baker) is a man of all trades. Under various pseudonyms, he has been a teacher, ornithologist, conservation biologist, bureaucrat, father, grandfather and husband. He has published lots of science and years ago, he managed Biodiversity Conservation Science for the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation. Nowadays, Jack Oats makes short fictional and factual word creations as part of the Recovery Plan for the Semi-colon. In this, his first published collection of poetry, he pokes fun, casts doubts, celebrates Australia’s natural heritage, shares hope and gives love.

This is Jack's first visit to King Island although he has been threatening to come for sometime. He is delighted to be a part of the FACE festival and, being a highly skilled bird observer, to assist with the Wings on King bird surveys over the weekend.

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